Day six continued..

        Leaving this area which is so beautiful yet holds such sad memories for most of us was almost a blessing. We drove through Upper Tantallion, having supper at Hubbards and then to Chester. At Hubbards, we stopped at a restaurant by the sea, as a matter of fact we sat outside on the terrace and watched the tide come in under it, giving the impression we were on a ship's deck. Hearing the waves crash against the shore below, watching a few birds flying around the shoreline as the sun started to set, was a relaxing wonderful experience.

        At just about dark, we drove in to Mahone Bay, one of the most picturesque spots so far. At first we thought we were entering Lunenburg but then a roadsign woke us up :) and we continued on our way to the Lincoln House B&B..

        This bed and breakfast is the home of Tony and Georgia Morris, originally built ca 1860 and owned by the Kaulbach family. A view here from our bedroom door of the gorgeous inside of this beautiful old home.

        After a good nite's sleep, we went downstairs for breakfast and were Royally served a good Bruschetta by Mr. Morris. Then we hurried to start our visit of Lunenburg, as you can see here to the left, my daughter seemed very anxious to come around the car.

        We walked downtown to the warf area, and found a cute horse who was willing to take us for a tour of the town..

        The Bank of Montreal was by no means one of the oldest buildings we saw in Lunenburg but it was one of the most unusual in that it was built of granite in 1907.

        Standing high above the town, on Gallows Hill, the Lunenberg Academie was opened November 7, 1895. Its a masterpiece of architecture and can be seen from far away even at night. Today it is used as a school for children up to Grade 5.

        Lunenburg from the Golf Club across the water. The red buildings were apparently painted so, in order to be better seen by the fishermen coming in to the warf.

The Trip from Moncton to Saint John the long way around
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