Day five!
        Here begins our trip around the Cabot Trail.

        As Johanne seems to be a lot busier than me, if that's possible, I will attempt to tell you about our trip around the Cabot Trail. I guess because they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll talk less and add some of the pictures we took. Although they are not the best in the east ;) I wish that trip was taken today with the much better digital camera I have.

        First let me tell you though that all through our trip, it was not HOT, it was comfortable, it was not SUNNY each day it was nice most of the way. Some mornings we would get up and it was very foggy and it was around 10 or so before the fog would lift. That only made the trip more enjoyable in some instances. As you may or may not know, fog gives a different look to things, it gives an air of mystery to some other things, some little sea ports look great in the fog. Some places like Main Dieu, it was just a bit TOOOOOOO foggy cause we didnt get to see it, except on the map. But all in all, the whole trip was superb and most enjoyable.

        From Baddeck, the home of Alexander Graham Bell, we backtracked to Englishtown and took the little ferry there which takes people across Ste Anne's Harbour, from Englishtown to Jersey Cove, it is only about 3 to 5 minutes cross. Englishtown is where the 7 ft. 9 in., giant, Angus MacAskill is buried. From Englishtown, you can also take bus tours to Bird Islands but time did not permit us to do this. Here is the first picture of the Cabot Trail that we took.

        I guess you might say we did the trail backwards as we went around it counter clockwise. Once you get to the other side, you are at the edge of the sand dune you see here, you drive the lenght of the dune and your voyage around the Cabot Trail begins. After a pretty steep climb, here is one of the sites we saw.

        This place was starting to impress me. Passing by Wreck Cove, Cape Smokey, entering the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Ingonish, White Point, Dingwall, we spotted some Whales swimming offshore. we got to Cabot's Landing spot. Yes John Cabot or Giovanni Cabot is believed to have landed in this area in 1497. It is believed so, if only because of its availability by ship, I would surely agree as the rest of the shoreline would have been some high for him to climb had he landed elsewhere, as you will see by some of the photos. This "landing" is a gorgeous beach as you see here below. This is where Jo and I put our feet in the Atlantic Ocean... brrrrrrrr some cold.

        oooooooh cold
    freeeezing cold even

        Turning our back to the ocean, looking at this mountain, we found some mountain goats. Yes mountain goats, someone painted them on the side of the mountain and they look so real we werent' sure if they were or not.

        It's a little too far and tooo foggy to see them here but at least this is the mountain. Also Along the beach is a monument of John Cabot with a little bit of his history.

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