Our Nova Scotia Trip 2000

        Our first destination for the evening was "Treen Mansion Bed & Breakfast". The owner's daughter, Marilyn, runs the B & B. Her father, Sam Treen, was an inductee in the N.S. sports hall of fame but passed away a few years back. The B & B was in Amherst, N.S. To my mother's dismay, the people she spoke to in Amherst seem to know little or nothing about Beaubassin (Acadian area of the 1700's that was near or at the present Amherst). It was a nice breezy afternoon with a shining sun so we decided to explore a little before supper. We changed into fresh clothing. Here I am packing up my pockets with cash and identification.

        We looked at the guide and map and decided to take a drive up to Tidnish. The road was old and unkept to the point where grass was growing through some of the cracks, quite a sight, as you can somewhat see here.

        Now in all my travels I've been the co-pilot, 99% of the time, this wasn't one of them! My mother was to be co-pilot and tell me what roads to take. (Most of the time Mother (I) was too busy looking at the scenery to look at a map). My first inclination that things might get hilarious was when we did not find Tidnish and somehow ended up travelling in a circle without realizing it at first. (Then looking at oneanother saying: "hummm... didnt' we see this a while ago?" We never did make it there opting instead for some supper at a small diner in Fort Lawrence.

(It was somewhere on that route that Johanne put on the breaks suddenly and said "what the hell was that?" again I was busy looking at the scenery, what there was of it, trying to figure out how we missed Tidnish and had gone full circle, so I didnt' know what she was talking about. Jo turned the car around, she said she had seen some sort of bird, large, stubby, on the side of the road. We drove by where she had seen it and saw nothing, a few seconds later she said there it is again, put the car in reverse and in a driveway there was a baby Common Flicker. We got off and got a good look at it, he could hardly fly yet but a real cutie.)

        My 2nd inclination that things would be funny as me being the driver came when we asked for directions to a drugstore. We drove for 4 or 5 minutes out of town (Amherst) or so we thought, only to end up right back in Amherst ? Seems we were given directions to the back door entrance I guess?!..

Once back at the B & B we settled in for the night, staying up for awhile discussing the next day's plans and looking over a book idea that my mom has. We got laughing, about a leaky dyke and roared until we cried for 5 to 10 minutes. (You had to be there?!) I slept solid (so did I) that first night and we were up no later than 6:30, wide awake, waiting for breakfast.....

The Trip from Moncton to Saint John the long way around
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