Day four part two, a step back in time to LOUISBOURG 1744

        From here we hurried up the hill so we could enter the yard where they fire the cannon each hour and a half. It wasn't done in those days they tell us but they do this just so people of today can see what the firing of a cannon was like, and they make a nice ceremony out of it. The drummers play their drums, the soldiers walk in line at a half march pace and they walk up the side of the palisade. Once they get up to the top, they line up and fire their guns one by one and I believe there are about 6 or 7 of them. Once the guns have been fired, the drummers walk up to the place where the cannons are and one of them is fired.

        After experiencing this, we visited the Chapel and headed back to the main gates of the fort. As we were leaving, we witnessed the changing of the guards, seen below.

        As we were leaving by bus, to get back to our car, I took a picture of Louisbourg from the bus window and with a digital camera. Here is the result. All the photos taken on the trip were taken with a Soney Digital Camera which was paid $650.00 plus taxes. I must say the results are eeeeewwwwwwwwww

        It was a gorgeous day although it wasn't hot and sunny all day. I truly enjoyed it. The only time I didnt feel like I was part of the fort was when I needed to go to the washrooms and entered a modern day washroom, with perfume and it violently rocked me back into today. But once I got back outside and into the village, I was back in time again. Weird but marvelous experience.


        We left the fort and headed for Badec where we had reservations with a Bed and Breakfast. After a good night's sleep this is the gorgeous site we saw as we looked back at the house.

The Trip from Moncton to Saint John the long way around
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