Day four, stepping back in time to LOUISBOURG 1744

        (This will be Irene's description of this day)
Our day begins as it ended last night, in the heavy fog, at Louisbourg.

Where once, in the 1700s, dozens of tall ships filled the port and the sound of cannons filled the air. With the French fighting to save their fort from the attacks of the British or the other way around. On this quiet foggy morning, these two sole ships sit. Sails at rest, lulled by the slow rocking of the sea.

Louisbourg is a reconstructed historial fort, a National Historic Site. It was settled by the French in 1713 and remained in French hands until 1745. In 1744, war was declared between the French and the British and in 1745 Louisbourg was under 4,000 British hands. At the end of the war, the fort was returned to the French until it was taken once again in 1758 by the British and then finally destroyed in 1760. The fortress is set up so that when you visit you are in the year 1744.

        The village of Louisbourg didn't only house soldiers, it also had fishermen who established a home there during the summer months, but just outside the walls of the fort. Here we can see what the home of a fisherman would have looked like.
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        In order to be let in to the fort you either have to speak some French, even if it is only one word or of course be real nice and friendly with the guards. I chose to be nice and friendly I guess as you can see ..

        This guard explained very nicely though that we had to be out of there by 7pm when they lifted the bridge or else we'd be considered prisoners and would land in their facilities (Jail below)..

Once we got in the fort, the picture below was the first sight we saw.

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