Day four part two, a step back in time to LOUISBOURG 1744

        It was about here I noticed my film was lasting a long long long time in my camera. I looked and with a film of 24, or at least that is what I thought, I had just taken 38 pictures since our first day in N.S.. I knew that didnt' make any sense so opening the cam to find out there was no film in it. Good thing I had the digital and Johanne had her camera with her, it wasn't all lost.

        A young girl learns how to make lace from her mother. And believe me it looked really complicated.

        Once inside the fort, you really get the feeling, for some reason, that you belong there, you are part of the year 1744, mainly because of the atmosphere I guess, and the foggy day maybe ? hehehe.. The people who work there make it really easy to place yourself in that time span with them. Below at the end of the road we see the yellow Fredrick Tower which is where all the ships loaded and unloaded when visiting the fort.

        One girl who was sitting on the bench outside this restaurant, sat and talked to me as if it was 1744, she spoke as if in the past, she talked to me explaining what they did and how but not using explanations. She would say, for instance, "We make the richer food for our MEN! we serve no one but the best men of the fort, the peasants eat down the road at (she'd name the other restaurant) where they serve cheaper, simpler food. Of course they are lower life themself." and she'd say this with her nose up in the air and a "ahemmm" now and then.. Very convincing. A drummer in costume went by while we were sitting there and she yelled out to him "Peasant!", he turned back and said to her "I'll have you know I'm a DRUM MAJOR!" she retorted "Ahemm... Still a PEASANT to me! dismissing him with a hand gesture.".

        Once inside the restaurant (we chose the peasant one, it was cheaper) they served us food of those days in dishes of those days. One gigantic spoon for all uses. You eat your cabbage and onion soup with it, eat your delicious fish, carrots and turnips with it (no potatoes back then, they were considered the devils food same as tomatoes), if you took tea, you put sugar in it with the handle of the spoon and stired it with the same.

        Continuing our walk through the village, as we walked through from one house to the other, we came across these children, in costume, quietly playing. You see them here sitting at the corner of the house.

One of the homes at the fort was that of an Officer, a bachelor at that. It was luxurious and very well decorated. Again the girls who worked here were right into their work. One servant was at the door when we came in and told us who's home this was, who he was and welcomed us to visit. As we were leaving another "lady" dressed very nicely came in and we asked a question of her, she looked at us and said to the "servant" "Do you leave just anybody in here?" with a smirk :)..

This other picture is his sitting room. His name escapes me but he was the Officer who made up all the plans for the fort.

The fort's Church.

The Trip from Moncton to Saint John the long way around
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